Why not printing color solid

  If in the printing process, the stable performance of the paper, ink, printing plate production quality to meet the printing requirements printing performance is relatively stable, there is ink printing false phenomenon, the main reason is the pressure problem. In offset printing pressure determines the size of the ink transfer printing process, if partial pressure in the printing process, would lead directly to the printing ink is not true. In offset printing, the
, compression of the rubber blanket is the fundamental guarantee for printing pressure, ink transfer is the result of compressive deformation of rubber blanket. Therefore, the printing pressure size and uniformity and offset printing blanket has a direct relationship.
package covered in drum Shang of rubber cloth, while by itself Zhang tight force and printing pressure of role, with rolling times of constantly increased, rubber cloth compression deformation of stress accumulated, rubber cloth will became stiffness, lost original of soft sex and high elastic, even in rubber cloth surface will appeared light or cracked of traces, to led to printing process in the printing pressure of local not uniform.

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