Types of printing

  literal sense, traces that of India, a liniment that brush. Wipe with paint and traces of other objects, that the printing. In short, the printing is the production of printed matter industry. Print production, similar to the seals. Carved seal (version), seal (version) on the stained with ink, stamp (Edition) printing on transfer paper, silk, leather and other substrate, into print.
print types:
in addition to selecting appropriate print media (paper) and extra ink, print the final results still need to be done through the appropriate printing method. Kind
printing a variety of method, the operation is different, cost and effectiveness are different. Existing using of printing method main can is divided into letterpress, and intaglio, and offset and the hole version printing four class:
(1) letterpress printing, printing lines above non-printing lines
(2) intaglio printing, printing lines SAG Yu layout
(3) offset printing, printing lines no raised or raised
(4) hole version printing, ink through hole hole of printing lines
since China invention woodcut movable type technology has, printing way changing, all-inclusive. Today's most commonly used industrial printing methods are: 1. offset printing (also called offset (Offset) printing)
offset printing, with high precision clarity to restore original color, contrast and levels, is by far the most popular way for paper printing. Suitable for posters, profiles, brochures, newspapers, packaging, books, magazines, calendars and other color printing.
2. typography
letterpress printing technology, usually in text, photos and pictures, text changes less opportunities, and printing a small number of cases. Apply to print invitation cards, business cards, labels, and small packaging boxes and small batch tasks. Traditional print order number and small trademark registration in the letterpress manner.
3. screen printing
screen printing as a using category is wide of printing, according to printer material of differences can is divided into: fabric printing, plastic printing, metal printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, electronic product printing, lottery silk printing, electric ornaments confession Board silk printing, metal confession Board silk printing, stainless steel finished silk printing, light reflection body silk printing, screen turned printing electrification aluminum, silk printing prints and lacquer silk printing and so on.
hole version printing technology one of, printing ink special strong, Best print to create special effects. Small quantity and ink requires concentration is particularly suitable. Can be printed on a solid surface, such as square boxes, box, circle, bottles, cans, and so on. In addition to paper or printed fabric, plastic, fabric, plywood, plastic, metal, glass, etc. Common products include banners, pennants, t-shirts, tile edge cartons, soda bottles and circuit boards. Screen printing flexibility is unmatched by other printing methods.
rubber printing letterpress, applies only to printed plastic bags, plastic packaging, labels and size. Input rubber printing press is usually roll instead of leaflets, printed after each cut. Dot, line granularity far offset and letterpress printing, not for printing books publications.
for production of high quality and expensive prints, whether they are in color or black and white picture, gravure printing results are comparable with the photographs. As the sedan cost must be large print runs, it is also used in the universal method of a. Applicable to the printing of securities, stocks, gift certificates, commercial credit voucher or stationery.
the rapid development of technology, today we can directly through the computer using some of these printing methods in the media output. Static images and the maturity of laser technology to make small batches of high quality "print on demand" can be achieved.

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