Two monochrome printing method

  color printing refers to the use of a printed version, it can be black printing, color printing, it can be spot-color printing. Spot-color printing is a specially designed modulation required a specific color as the primary color, by printing complete. Color printing is widely used, and also produces a wealth of tones, to achieve satisfactory results. In color printing, color paper can also be used as a background, printed a similar two-color printing, but there is a special charm. Special color color printing special colors include gloss and fluorescence color printing. Two methods of
color printing:
ink color, there are generally two ways:
(1) using four inks to process colors, mix network and overlay printing.
(2) hybrid printing inks, create spot color, using spot-color printing, with a solid color or dot color. The two methods of color specified on the print design and plate making method is not the same.
1, monochrome printing grayscale monochrome printing, most of the substance is 100%; white is 0%, made in different shades of gray to call different outlets, namely the use of percentage control. For ease of reading, usually in the application of anti-50% to 100% dark gray tones with white letters, and between 50% to 0% with black, but depending on the color and, where appropriate, taken into account.
2, color printing four color label printing in red, yellow, blue, and black four-colour printing to produce the ever-changing colors. It can take advantage of color printing according to color. But expectations in the design of text color or graphics you can use the CMYK color check out each color value. But certain colors such as gold and banks and fluorescent colors cannot be made up of four color inks to overprint, must use spot color inks printed.

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