The use and significance of business cards printed

  name card, also known as card (also written wrong card), ancient Chinese name sting, is labeled name and its affiliated organizations, units of the company and contact information of the paper. Business cards are new friends to know each other, the fast and effective way to introduce myself. Exchanging business cards is the first standard of business with official actions. Purpose and significance of
business cards printing:
modern society, card use is quite common, categories or more. By business cards use, business cards can be divided into business cards, public card, personal cards into three categories. is based on the intended use of the card to. Business cards is to contact, due to economic and transportation were developed in the past, people face not too wide, little demand for business cards. With the reform and opening up in the Mainland population mobility has accelerated, more interaction between man and man, card began to increase. Especially in recent years, economic development, information developed cards became mainstream for commercial activities. Contacts in two ways, one is the communication between friends, a workplace communication, workplace communication one is commercial, non-commercial, which form the basis for classification of business cards.
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