Printing history

  literal sense, traces that of India, a liniment that brush. Wipe with paint and traces of other objects, that the printing. In short, the printing is the production of printed matter industry. Print production, similar to the seals. Carved seal (version), seal (version) on the stained with ink, stamp (Edition) printing on transfer paper, silk, leather and other substrate, into print. Development
originated in China, originates in a uniquely Chinese stamp culture, it is made up of extensive stone and stamp method developed synthetic, after a very long time, have accumulated the experience of many, is the crystallization of human wisdom. The earliest extant literature and one of the earliest Chinese woodblock printing real is in 600 ad, that is, the early Tang dynasty.
in 7th century, appeared in the early Tang dynasty block printing.
during the reign of emperor Renzong of Qingli (1041-1049), clay movable type of Bi Sheng's invention.
from 1241 to 1250 Yako to Kublai's Advisor Yao Shu printed with movable type version of Zhu Xi's school and the thoughts and Lu Zuqian, such as the collection of history books spread everywhere.
Yuan dynasty scientist Wang Zhen (1260-1330) invented wooden movable type version (also there is support for the Song dynasty wooden movable type, but several versions to prove it. Which is often referred to is called the edition printed book of Mao's poetry. Because of the book the wind in the mountains there armature within the articles of the Edition "from" Tate-Chu-Yoko, can prove to be completely printed version. Early records of
Chinese metal type, in the Yuan dynasty scientist Wang Zhen (1260-1330) of the movable type printing calligraphy (1298): "modern casting of Tin, iron cross, line, embedded inside the helmets, books, but on the words, it is difficult to make, rate much worse, so it will not last long. "
the Yuan dynasty has two-tone red and Black overprinting of books.
Ming era, there has been a bi-color, four-colour printing of print can print multiple layers of color printing.

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