Printing company to look long term

  eyes a little in the long run. For tile line to buy new equipment, carton plant, you should pay attention to confirm whether the device has Windows and agreement with outer joins, the window for purchasing products, as standard equipment, the experts reminded the need to remember to manufacturers to connect relevant information.
understanding of manufacturers and other users. Not only includes intensive and comprehensive understanding of the suppliers and their products, especially important is understanding the other carton plant using the system's actual situation. Carton Corrugating machines on the production management system before you can fully understand the market through various channels on a variety of corrugated production management system contains functions, such as price, performance, and maintainability, or at least do not listen to the corrugated pipe system sales of one-sided statement. In addition, suppliers of technology, management, quality, service, users also need to do some necessary knowledge, so that the reference at the time of purchase.
, more artificial, more efficient future, corrugated production management system in recent years and corrugating machine scheduling system (Corrugating machine production management systems and ERP systems, ERP system itself up Corrugating machine automatically scheduling module) has been able to achieve seamless connectivity. Orders can be sent directly to the machines via an interface, reduced manual playing, send cumbersome procedures, effectively reducing the risk workshop manual transmission errors, increase efficiency and save manpower.

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