Business card printing three ways

  has three main business card printing is the most easiest for laser printing, followed by offset printing, silk screen printing the most complex. Now widely used in laser printing and offset printing, silk screen printing is relatively small.
business cards printing three ways:
1, laser printing: for the currently most widely used printing methods. Offset and screen also needs laser-printed, they simple plate by laser printing to complete. Currently black and color laser printing can be divided into two categories, they can make different grades of computer cards.
2, offset: is the traditional business card printing. It of using to than computer card complex many, first design good of card sample version to playing in turned printing paper Shang, or out into printing film (has cable of color pictures), then again with Sun version machine put turned printing paper or Philip forest Shang of card sample version Sun to card dedicated PS printing version Shang, put Sun good of PS version loaded Shang card offset can printing.
3, screen printing: because it is not suitable for printing on paper, business cards are rarely used in printing. Screen printing and offset printing, also need to be well designed business card templates on the transfer paper, or out of print film, and then wire a dedicated printer transfer paper or business card templates on a film print to the screen printing plate, plate loading screen printing machine can print on screen again.

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