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  Dalian CHEONG printing limited company was founded in 1998, is a collection of print, design and packaging as a whole, specializing in corporate planning and design of integrated printing company.
company equipped with new Germany Heidelberg CP2000 outside four color press, and four open four color press, and Dalian Cheng Cheung printing, and Dalian printing, and Dalian printing factory, and Dalian printing company, and Dalian printing, and Dalian printing design company, and Dalian album printing, and Dalian packaging printing, and Dalian color printing, and Dalian envelope printing, and Dalian sample printing, and Dalian publicity book printing, and Dalian poster printing, and Dalian packaging box printing, and Dalian carton printing, and Dalian mobile bags printing eight open four color press, and Japan Mitsubishi four color press; computer controlled automatic cutting machines and other world-class advanced equipment and have the box with the late binding, cutting, grinding process, providing finishing one-stop service.
to achieve one-stop service concept, we are equipped with first-class design team, and their operational capacity and perfect printing pre and post-production services, providing our clients with high quality, high efficiency, fast and convenient full range of graphic design services. Provide high quality and efficient service, first-class print products to customers, market-oriented, specializing in development and production of paper products. Fine grasp every aspect of a work, and gradually establish and perfect the quality guarantee system, and improve service levels. Promote close cooperation relationship with customers, and to set up the rivers of the brand image.
company mainly serving the corporate CI planning, VI image design, LOGO design, print design, packaging design, book design, exhibition, and so on. Company adhere to the "original design" concept, in the field of brand consulting and design, provide a comprehensive brand building, integrated marketing strategies and creative design services. Our job is to make the customer benefit.
the company has a good design team, although they come from different places, graduated from different universities, but have their own design styles. But we always face the customer as a whole, is to pool ideas customer satisfaction overall.  
full implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, with world-class equipment and a high level of technical, scientific and sound internal management system, to provide first-class design and printing services. Our philosophy: to create good quality, and provide sincere service, emphasis on performance management. Identify top talent, team spirit, and a business level.
our goal: let customers save time, effort and hassle free, gold; win with quality, excellent service and price to win. Services in the community, with beautiful packaging paint product content, fine books and contributed to various types of readers.
our equipment: early has several MAC/PC computers and other equipment, can provide customers with a full range of services. Later use of advanced printing equipment and the printing of a number of outstanding professional and technical personnel, ensure that every process can reach the satisfactory requirements directly determines the quality of prints, and meet the needs of a variety of high-end print.

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